This is a non-definitive list of side options we can provide, however we are always looking for new ideas so if there’s anything missing from the list we would be more than happy to make it for you!

Hot new potatoes with chives and butter

Spiced potatoes with parsnips and okra

Cold potato and spring onion salad

Hot potato Wedges

Red Comarg Rice Salad

Red Peppers, kidney beans, red onions and black olives

Beef Tomato Salad with Mozzarella Cheese or

Artichokes in olive oil with fresh Basil

Spinach and Bacon Salad with Garlic Croutons

Greek Salad with Olives and Feta Cheese

Mixed Green Salad

Mushroom Terrine

Layers of mushrooms, leeks and fresh herbs

Mediterranean Pasta Salad
Penne pasta with sundried tomatoes, basil, cherry tomatoes, olives etc.