Meat Options

Meat Options

This is a non-definitive list of meat buffet options we can provide, however we are always looking for new ideas so if there’s anything missing from the list we would be more than happy to make it for you!


 Roast Chicken & Pancetta Salad with Quails Eggs and |Walnut Vinaigrette

A really hearty salad served with croutons, gem lettuce and watercress

Chicken and Melon Salad

This beautiful salad is ideal for a hot summer day, there is lots of colour in the different melons, then black grapes, asparagus and capers are added and topped with shavings of parmesan cheese

Chicken in Paprika Sauce

Poached chicken beasts cooked with sun-blushed tomatoes, fresh tarragon, paprika and cream

Duck and Pear Salad

The duck is cooked slowly with oranges then when cold is mixed with orange zest, mango chutney and blueberry vinegar, add chopped pears and serve with a basmati rice and watercress salad

Chicken Marbella

Chicken is marinated in an infusion of French herbs white wine, olive oil and capers and then cooked slowly with pitted prunes and brown sugar this dish is excellent when serving a large crowd a hot or cold meal

Mexican Chicken

The chicken is cooked like a paella in a large earthenware dish, in saffron rice with mixed coloured peppers, black and green olives, limes and a hint of chilli

Boned Turkey

This is served stuffed with CousCousand Lime



Honey Roast Ham

This is a whole ham which will serve up to 80 people and is cooked with a glaze of mustard and maple syrup, beautifully succulent

Fillet or Topside of Beef

The meat is placed in a marinade of dry spices with mustard, celery salt and black pepper, then cooked with red wine vinegar, garlic and olive oil this is a truly melt in the mouth beef which has much more taste than plain roast beef.

Jerked Ham

Spicy ham cooked with chillies, rum and malt vinegar

Roast Leg of Lamb with a pepper corn Crust

Looks spectacular and tastes great!

Chicken Marbella

Whole chickens quartered cooked with garlic, red wine vinegar, prunes, olives, capers brown sugar and white wine.  One of the most popular chicken dishes we have done.  It is served warm.

Smoked Chicken Salad with Basil & Parmesan mayonnaise

Smoked chicken with prosciutto, gruyere cheese, spring onions mixed with mayonnaise served on a bed of Romaine lettuce leaves